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Silver in Motion was founded in 2007 as an initiative of silversmiths and collectors of contemporary silver to promote the traditional and innovative skills of silversmithing. The objective of Silver in Motion is focused on the artistic opportunities within the silver art. Initiatives are developed and realised such as:


- Masterclasses for postgraduate silversmiths, including exhibitions and sales fairs of modern silver art created by the participants;

- Initiation of modern silver expositions and publications;

- Acquisition of silver art to be donated to museums for expanding their contemporary silver art collection;

- Maintaining and expanding international networks.

Committee of recommendation

E. Aardewerk (Expert of Dutch silver)
D.W. de Cloe (Former Mayor of Schoonhoven)
Prof. Dr. Titus M. Eliƫns (Former Head of collections at The Hague Municipal Museum and Professor of Industrial Design at University of Leiden)
Drs. J.Th. Hoekema (Mayor of Wassenaar and former Ambassador International Cultural Cooperation)
Drs. A. Pechtold